The Rare Treatment Accelerator (RTA) is Healx’s partnering programme for academic groups, patient groups and early-stage biotechs with an interest in rare diseases. The programme gives selected participants the financial support and access to drug discovery expertise needed to accelerate novel treatments through clinical trials and towards patients.

The RTA is open to all academic, patient groups and early-stage biotechs with promising rare disease repurposing assets. We define repurposed drugs as drugs that are already approved for human use in at least one regulatory jurisdiction. Working with applicants, Healx will apply its AI, drug development and clinical expertise, as well as its financial resources, to move these assets to patients.

We are ideally looking for:

  • Drug repurposing candidates for rare diseases with a current unmet medical need. While we will consider opportunities for all rare diseases, we are particularly interested in opportunities that complement its existing in-house expertise and portfolio.
  • Drug repurposing candidates for rare diseases where the natural history is known, with established clinical trial endpoints and/or biomarkers; where a lead clinical investigator is known; where sufficient clinical trial sites are available; and patients willing to participate in clinical trials.
  • Opportunities with a clear scientific rationale and sufficient preclinical data to support implementation of a human clinical trial. For example, assets in which a clinical protocol has IRB or similar approval and where regulatory approval to initiate a clinical trial is already in place. However, these criteria are not essential.
  • Academic partners who are collaborative, willing to actively participate at each phase of the project and who will work in close partnership with Healx to progress therapies to the rare disease community.
  • Institutions and inventors/PIs who are interested in licencing the technology to Healx under normal industry terms.  We are also open to co-develop with an academic institution that is interested in co-funding.

Interested applicants can apply all year round. If you are interested in applying, please fill in the following form. Your responses will help determine whether or not your drug repurposing opportunity aligns with our requirements for a drug development project.

This questionnaire will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. At this stage, please only share non-confidential data.  Your responses will be auto-saved as you go, so you do not need to complete the form in one sitting.  Please manually save on a regular basis, just in case.

For more information on the RTA, please read our blog or visit the RTA webpage on our website.